our approach
Zwicker is recognized for its superior engineering, estimating and project management skills that it applies to each of its projects. Our approach is recognized as the Zwicker Way and remains as one our competitive differentiators in our industry.

The firm’s highly-skilled engineering team begins its work with a value-added pre-construction analysis of a project. New design innovations are evaluated with the benefit of over six decades of proven practical experience. Regardless of the technological and engineering innovation, Zwicker provides cost-effective and pragmatic installation solutions that achieve design intent and maintain cost controls.

• Efficient installation
Zwicker knows what it takes to take a building out of the ground. Our engineers have the field experience to use construction techniques that save installation time while maintaining quality.

• Timely completion
The time we invest in design is time saved in construction. It lets us keep the project under control and make sure each milestone is met.

• Seamless operation and maintenance
We've worked with enough building and facility managers to know what's needed. We use reliable components. Our installation techniques make for straightforward alterations and repairs. We watch how components are specified so your maintenance vendor list stays manageable.

• Budget sensitive solutions
We help clients to fit their project within their budget. For example, we may suggest a redesign that will achieve the same desired aesthetic, but at lower cost. We pay special attention to ensuring that there are no compromises when it comes to life-safety issues.