At Zwicker, we are committed to supporting the communities in which we work.

This effort takes many forms:

  • Funding internship programs for engineering students.
       We introduce students to the industry and hire many
       of our interns after college.

  • Funding a senior citizens tennis league through the
        CityParks Foundation.

  • Volunteering our energies for pro-bono projects, such as:

  • Providing resources and building a home in a low-income
        community in Yonkers in partnership with Habitat for

  • Wiring computer labs at New York City's venerable
        Washington Irving High School.

  • Helping the Cooke Center build classroom space to
       serve children with developmental disabilities.

  • Wiring for a one week TV makeover of downtown
       East River Park, managed by Erin Brockovich after 9/11.
       The project produced lasting improvements that continue
       to make the park safe and welcoming in the evening.