Zwicker Portfolio Book

3 Y ou know Zwicker Electric from its over 70 years of quality electrical installations throughout the New York tri-state region. Zwicker began its work in the late 1940s with the installation of adequate wiring in many older buildings in the outer boroughs, bringing outmoded electrical service to be code compliant. Today, Zwicker has grown to be one of the leading electrical contractors in New York. Zwicker is recognized by many of New York’s leading owners, developers and builders as the go-to firm for premier electrical installations in both new construction and interior installations. Engineering and design are among the firm’s core competencies and continue to serve us as our competitive differentiators in the electrical contracting industry. The pages that follow feature select projects from Zwicker’s project portfolio. In multiple markets – commercial, residential, healthcare, education and culture, hospitality and retail – the Zwicker name is a bright light in the electrical contracting industry. On behalf of Neil DeVincenzo and our team at Zwicker, we look forward to continuing our work with the same focus on quality and productivity that we bring to our industry. Sincerely, David B. Pinter President & CEO Dav id B. Pinter Pres ident & CEO