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Zwicker Electric was one of the first contractors to use computer estimating techniques; we built our own system from scratch in the 1960s. Today, our estimating, engineering and job management systems are integrated so we can track performance on all fronts at all times.

• No surprises
Our estimates are highly accurate because they are tied to both the specifics of the construction drawings as they come from our engineering department and to detailed information about actual costs on prior projects.


At Zwicker, our project management systems work seamlessly to ensure that every assignment is managed professionally and productively. Every project has a senior project manager as its lead. Job site and office meetings complement our document management programs that support every project.

• Smooth handling of changes
When the inevitable changes in requirements occur during a project, we have the agility to adjust plans and budgets quickly.

• Move-in as planned
Zwicker is known for bringing jobs in on time, even when there are last minute changes.

Following the completion of an assignment, Zwicker works with the building owner and facility management team to test all electrical systems and programs that it has installed to ensure ease of use as well as compliance with all government standards and manufacturing warrantees, if applicable.