New technology is driving new markets for us at Zwicker. Recently, Zwicker launched a new Technology to provide new and added value services to its clients. Building upon a legacy of technological innovation in the way we perform our work, Zwicker Technology will deploy our state-of-the art 3D modeling tools as well as new services that we are offering into the growing service portfolio our clients may consider.

Zwicker Technology’s new service offerings include:

Navisworks © 3D coordination tools
Navisworks allows Zwicker the freedom to build a project virtually before ever stepping foot on a physical site. The program provides clash detection analysis and a collaborative user-interface, streamlining the preplanning process and making projects get done more efficiently Naviswork is used in many of our projects. The system is becoming the new standard for project design.

Innovative Green Fuel Cell Technology
Zwicker uses innovative, green fuel cell technology to help buildings run with strength and efficiency, including the new World Trade Center.

Data Centers
Zwicker can provide sophisticated electrical installations for contingency and data centers. This ensures that your power and connectivity is constant with redundant back-up systems to ensure continuous service to your clients.

Distributed Antenna Centers
Continuous telephone and data connection are now the industry standard. To meet seamless and constant telephone and data needs, Zwicker announced its strategic alliance with ExteNet Systems, Inc., a Chicago-based company that designs, builds, owns, monitors and maintains indoor and outdoor distributed telecommunications networks for use by multiple wireless carriers.

Photovoltaic Technology
Zwicker stays on the cutting edge of green technology by utilizing the latest photovoltaic, solar technology, taking the rays of the sun and converting them to usable, eco-friendly, powerful fuel.

Car Charging Stations
Zwicker provides electrical installations to residential, commercial and parking facilities for car charging stations.